the downfall

The gallow keeps our minds fixed

The wood etched with nostalgic regret

Carved should haves and nots

The only noose that keeps us back

Our fingers blindly forged the clever knot

Seduced by what for years has been lost

“The past!” We complain

Yet the executioner wears our own face

And the dust and the soot

from our past we refuse

to dispose

so we stand rigid

our feet to the platform glued

A rescue none could endeavor

The reason for our downfall

Is in the soles of our feet

Refusing to move forward

From what would have been

But what could have

and what should have

Will always remain

Will not

Will never change

Our presents will collapse

and our futures will too

Proclaimed in our verdict:

“Self-Condemned Reproach”

Issued to fulfill an addictive greed

The hungry desire we itch to feed

The past’s timeless regret and remorse

Yearning to destroy and occupy

The mind’s every corner and nook

The sentence is announced

we are all holding our breaths

Unaware that our downfall

Lies in our own hands.


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