Winter’s Lament

Winter’s hands aged and spotted

Her choking hold

Now lay their bodies rotted

On the dead wood beneath the crumbled leaves

The same place they once reached

Into their hearts

Dropping seeds

of blood and life into the crumbled earth

Desperation and exhaustion, they gave of themselves

of the purest and immaculate to give life once again

The sacrifice, unnatural

Yet the land was theirs and flourished

the baker’s bread, the handmaid’s wheel, children nourished

And the cycle of Spring and Summer followed once again

And Winter became a thing from the past,

And how the youth ran in vibrant fields of wheat

Spotted and soaked by the sun’s golden retreat

Unknown to the cold and the bitter which now came

For the blood ran out

the seeds shriveled and grayed

and the small clearing in the woods miles away

Lay two lovers heart’s not beating but drained

for their blood had soaked and coursed through the earth

Delaying nature’s cold, inevitable curse

Now life struggled

unable to purge

the coldness and shame

or warm chilled bones

prevent hairs silver and gray

And thus life would continue to be held fixed,

Lingering on a perpetual queue

in need of a sacrifice, two lover’s hearts

fresh, warm, lively and new

And from the seeds of their love

the people will know once again

A world of eternal Summer and Spring

free of Winter’s lament.

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