Looking Back

God had decreed Lot’s wife to not look back. And when she did, she was transformed into a pillar of salt. Perhaps when we look back at our pasts behind us, we too, have the potential to become a pillar of salt. Stuck in a daze, staring blankly into eternity’s dust- forming scenes of the past, repeatedly, while we relish in the pain. Remaining an object of stand still, with the world rushing past. The earth binding us, proof shown that we there can be no change to what has been wrought. Perhaps it is wise to continue forward although we are aware of what is happening behind us. When there is no guarantee of another chance to keep our gaze steady on the path ahead. When we all are aware that a single glance back is all it can take. It takes more courage to choose to soldier on than to answer familiar calls of past days.

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