Another’s Day

The calendar weeps pages

To all else a new slate awaits

You stand at the edge of the tower

Threatening the birds awake

But the sun no longer shines

So time is measured

with linings of clouds

split seconds by the rain

Like the sun’s rays you hid

and secluded your good

Hid away in the shadow

of disappointed, accusing words

Turning yourself in for the worst

You found comfort in detachment

Nothing hurts when you’re unconcerned

Because none bothered to let their heart

sync with your humanity, understand

The reasons you sought sanity,

The reasons for your delicate taste

The reason you seek destruction

All the reasons that you hesitate

all your happiness, your treasures

Your seamless thoughts, clever words

Understands more than their minds ever could

Still they’ll never see more than a disarray

When night blindfolds their hearts

in the light of another’s day

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