In Memoriam

Spring has arrived;
I had almost forgotten
The lightness of the wind,
Gray skies blurred by
headlights on the horizon

Spring has arrived;
My eyes follow the stars,
Palms raised to the heavens,
daggers of rain resurrecting
Winter’s accumulated rust

Spring has arrived;
Overwhelming nostalgia,
Aroma of wet grass, dirt—
Miles I had traveled once
In many circles by foot

Spring has arrived;
And I too, years later
To face the field where we
once side by side grew,
Saplings into strong trees
Uprooted to face the world

Spring has arrived;
But it left you behind
A linear moment
Frozen forever in time.

Spring has gone away;
Swimming against waves
Of age’s fleeting innocence
Desperate for an escape

Spring is you,
I had almost forgotten
A distant, muffled memoir
the sweetest sorrow of
the season’s silent slumber

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