the reason for love

You had asked me why I chose you, why I had chosen you to love. But I did not have an answer, because no on ever chooses to love. Just like, I did not choose my favorite color, or my favorite flavor of ice cream. Neither my favorite season or song, nor my favorite fruit or flower.
I think, I said—
all that we love simply makes sense. Like complimentary pieces of a puzzle, made with the only purpose to fit together. Love does not make you choose–it actually leaves you no choice. There’s no such thing as choices to choose from when there is only one that feels right.
I said—
I do not have an answer except: I chose you because I love you, I have only this answer I know. It is an answer full of chaos with no reason and no rhyme. But the chaos and madness of it all is where all my reason lies. One does not choose to love, one just simply does—it is not constrained to any reasons, just simply that of love.

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