safe + sound

i went to the mountains to discover myself
when i tripped and fell into a stone cold well
inside you dwelled, inside we met
inside on my life light you shed

a looking glass
to me was shown
of old books and tea
’round my weak form
convinced was I when you said
you can be someone else instead

i had trusted your expertise
when you said
so serious was my disease
even if i tried
even if i pleased
the sun’s own heat
could not save me

so my heart,
up in a bucket went,
up into the light
(it was only the cure, you had said
for the moonstruck mind)

the pulley creaked
(distilling, purifying, distilling, purifying)
echoing still

and when it reached the final top
the excess water out you chucked
but when it reached the river’s mouth
it was too much salt,
the river spat it out

only if you fed me water, not tears
she sighed
of the heart you saved that had
only ever cried:
don’t you know, silly girl
saving never needed I

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