the passerby

i wonder at you,
the stranger who
knows not me
but mutually agrees
it is better to ignore
those who momentarily share
our longitude and latitude

i wonder
why you keep your gaze shifted
to the spaces between the bricks
struggling to disconnect,
to know and be known is
a burden you cannot bear

what coordinate points
gave birth to your green eyes
which you would rather disguise
as burnt coal not worthy,
do we not walk
beneath the same blue sky

what moment and what day
did you decide
the meaning of your life
and if not yet
what makes your heart
beat and stop,
how many hearts have you known that stopped
do you, too, wonder
about me, a stranger

i know that
we are infinities
in an infinite synergy
and there are too many people
for us to time spare
and the answers to these questions
are uncommonly rare

i still wonder
who you are and
what is your life
i want to know of you
stranger, of
all the strangers
whom i pass by

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