i was passing through the cemetery
by the corner of the college, when
blinking lights stopped traffic:
i assumed, morse code for death–
so for the overdue Reminder
i went to pay my respects.

a coincidence, i was just like him–
it may have been my own i witnessed.
he too, had a heart that never stopped,
until one day it tried but just could not.

i stayed til the sky was ash with dusk
and crows screamed on wires overhead,
i read intervals of years although
i could not calculate the life in between–
but then again,
i had never really done well in math.

a young girl had my same name,
first to middle to last, and chosen
letter for letter like the ones
my parents chose for me on a winter’s eve.
i wonder if it defined her
the way it defined me.

i read a birth on the same day as my own
of a life born one hundred years before
who never knew what life he’d live
or what exact way he would have to leave.
i wonder if the date we shared
haunted him like it did me.

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