warning signs

if you have travelled, you know
how quick the miles pass
and how the seconds too slow
for moments on end the silver sun
and hollow moon are still and
do not leave your side
and it is these quiet moments
that i think,

how slowly, how quickly
my body is dissolving
into the desert where time’s
sand takes rest, but i am
too busy moving, too busy
moving in my head.

i am too slow in
my expressions.
did you know
that thoughts leak through
the strongest surfaces, a stone
cold mask, a fresh new looking glass
concerns itself with how my
eyebrows furrow and my lips arrange,
my decaying skin, keeping face.

i think of you in between the slows
after the movements past, with
adrenaline left over from the
warning lights passed.

i think of the softness of your wings.
does it feel like the
cloud that falls in the winter
on the field of
a thousand angels guarding
the already fast asleep.

if you have known the inevitable,
then you know how it feels like
to stand beneath a rushing waterfall–
feet burrowing into cool sand, mouth
raised, like a beggar thirsty for

if you have known, please tell me.
whisper the unknown into
my heart, shriveled
from weakness and drought.
the stresses of the mind are no
less than the impact of the sea
etching each worry with salt
laminating it with Zephyrus’s eek

(it is my carelessness, I know)
i have ignored the warning signs
(it is my own funeral, I know)
i have ignored my eventualities.

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