oscar wilde has said
no intelligent person can ever be happy.
george eliot states
those who are happy are wadded with stupidity.
but i wonder if
happiness is truly related to our intelligence.
should not my
intelligence make me happy. or:
is not intelligence the culprit
but the knowledge we seek,
the knowledge of the world,
our world broken and weak.

they say:
A happy mind cannot exist with the intelligence of every
pain that strikes the hearts so meticulously hidden;
A happy mind cannot make peace with the buds of trees
the growing leaves, and each anthill’s annihilation.

I know:
I will not find happiness in my stupidity
my ability to feel will not make me weak
my knowledge transcends, and within me
I will find peace. I will be happy to feel
to know, to seek; and to succeed in having known
I will have died intelligently pleased.

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