an adventure, you and I
on a mission, under a stormy sky
summer lightning, rolling thunder
(all we were missing was the soundtrack)
instead met with a wind that lodged
in your eye a piece of a flower
and scowled by the sky with a spark
hitting the tower, far away, the quiet
the red lights, the silence.
the silence, save for the squeaking
of the street sign at Wishing Well Drive
a soundtrack we were given, of omens
an orchestra of crickets rising,
conducted in front of us
a summer storm that felt too right,
the spider’s web on display in the
lights, camera, action, fade to dark
clouds covering the moon, pan, zoom in
hands cupping the wind, like fluff
a discovery of capturing what they
said cannot be captured- reel time
in our real life: mission accomplished
on our dark and stormy night.

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