give and take

even love has some sort of quantity
even if that is an undefinable quantity
love must come from somewhere to be sent somewhere,
love given = love taken,
the law of equal exchange.
but what happens when a heart was never
fashioned to take?
what happens when all a heart wants to do
is give all of its love away?
it will say ‘no thank you,’ to new guests
it will close doors to all who wish to enter.
for a giver does not take,
a giver does not want to take.
but this love is not love that survives,
it is simply a mirage of sacrifice
a gift given– but muting the loved from
saying ‘thank you, here is a gift for you, too’
this love is not love
for in love there is equal exchange.
it is difficult to survive
for the givers of our race
what torture it is to love
(…to have)
a heart
gives and does not take.

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