how do you give in a world of stuffed men
who prefer willful ignorance?
in giving, in loving, in speaking, in understanding.
i confess,
i fail at reading the words on the caution tape
i walk too far in, and forget to close my gate,
i do not say no to the food clumped on my plate.
i learn. i strengthen. and sometimes,
i suffer. at the hands of those who learned
to wield their calculated humanity at the one
who loves for the sake of Love.
what are my limits? my gate? your tape?
i am still learning, i have not stopped asking.
what does my every action mean to you, stranger?
who did not enter my mind yesterday
who was not present at my birth
nor can tell me why i cried today.
you have entered my life. and if you don’t mind,
i would like to do the same. do you mind, if i
unstuff your heart and peel back your mask?
do you have enough courage to take three steps back?
a concealed heart is not safe from hardening.
expose your soul, find Love in what you are missing.

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