where is the world of honest men? when there was so much worth in the human soul, that our word was enough to stop death, when honor and truth was worth far more than what we wanted in our heads? we live in a world where it is celebrated to want it all, without any consequence. we want success, but no struggle, we do not know what we want when there are so many options on display, so we never stop to question why we desire anything at all. we claim our emotions are enough to justify our struggle, yet we forget it is our mind that controls matter. i know that my daily private victories will precede every public ceremony, for only i know who i am and where i come from. at the end of it all, it will only be me and what i have done. when you are young, you are trained to recognize the right choice. but what good is a butterfly who did not struggle to escape its own self weaved coffin? with no struggle at all, was any of it worth it? and so youth finds that it is easy to jump high and shout the right answer. but life teaches every soul a lesson that it is harder to transform those words into action. i have learned the most bitter fact: the hardest things and the right things will always be the same. i have learned again that each day i must decide the person i want to be. at the end of it all, what will any of it have mattered, if i could not sweeten my life with some sacrifice of struggle, what is the worth of my life if the easy way out was always my answer?

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