reality, let go

there are different versions of realities: the one i am living, the one you are living, the one that we all share, and the One Truth above it all.

as much as we attempt to craft lenses for others so that they may see the world the way we do, it is rarely, if ever, a success. we write our letters, we capture photos and films, we tap our legs, our gazes falter. we knowingly and unknowingly attempt to tell the world our story. we search for a familiar face – like a lost child looking for his mother – for a heart beat to sync, for eyes to meet. we shift our frames so we can closely align. but everytime, we fall a centimeter too short. unable to be stretched, we exist. together aligned, but still separate. the gap in between just small enough to remind us we are different.

every spectacle shares two sides, two eyes, which collect and perceive the same object in different ways. short or long sighted, different depths and distances. it is best to early on accept that we will never find anothers’ frame that will meet our corners like we had hoped. that our shared world is comprised of distinct minds searching for ways to capture their own version of life. we must accept that out of seven billion, there will never be a lens that is our duplicate.

we must accept that maybe life is meant to be comprised of momentary miracles of simply aligning with loved ones or strangers, of learning there is another human who felt like we did. there is freedom in surrendering all the rest of it. it is when we expand our vision, zoom out from our myopic sight, when we stop struggling to align two objects that destined to miss – that we begin to live a more peaceful existence. we no longer feel threatened by the view of another, or frustrated that they did not catch what we did in our peripheral. we learn to wipe the fog off our lenses of the lies we tell ourselves and each other. that is not to say there is no Truth to any matter. the Truth has eternally existed, but only visible to few lenses who have the power.

when we trust the One who created our reality, our shared world, and the individual worlds of every person on Earth, we leave it to Him to correct the unfinished business and judge the Truth of the matter. When we surrender to something larger than Life, larger than our eyes, it allows us to carry on with a head held up high. Judgement will be saved for a different day. Let go of what you cannot grasp, let go of what you cannot force. Let go and accept that judgement was never our role. Leave your version of reality behind and let go, let it go.

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