the noble art of silence

‘silence is often misinterpreted but never misquoted.’

to remain silent goes against every instinct of our ego. it is natural to want to speak up and clear our names, to prove a fool wrong and to turn the world into our own game. but it takes greater strength to walk away, to bite your tongue, to remain free. untethered to letters that anchor you down to your pride, slowing you down from moving on, without having to revisit and cut ties with each letter one by one. through silence we enter a realm of freedom – moving between the past and present however we please. we are given the freedom to think for as long as we need. silence bides time to understand, and then translate and untangle the complexities of the heart into order and consequence. and after the dust settles we may ourselves find it was we who had crossed the line. silence is not the admission of guilt. it is the weak jaw that allows words to fall right out of it. falling into our hands, shackling us into its service. words are prisoners of the mind, once they leave, they run without looking back. there is no guarantee what hasty words will bring – the fugitive cannot be trusted. when we choose to fuel our words through our intellect and justice, we no longer fall prey to ourselves. our words are transformed from prisoners to noble graduates of an ancient art, there are very few of us who can guard the sacred portal to our thoughts.

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