home is where the shore is

the ocean welcomes me back
each time i return with a new face,
i spent so much time waving hello
while i was drowning beneath its waves

the child with a dream of a castle
the teen who felt like an impostor
the youth who sought the sunrise
the woman who now looks forward,

deeper into a stretch of horizon
wondering what lies ahead
wondering which face she will bring next
to offer the salty spray of the ocean.

1 thought on “home is where the shore is”

  1. Marryam,

    One of my new favorites from your poetry collection is “Home is Where the Shore is.”
    I enjoyed how you personified the ocean as a gate-keeper to one’s happiness. The ocean’s duality: the ocean begins as a home-like, and welcoming place, which could be relatable to the optimism that we experience in childhood, and then there’s a change in tide with the poem’s tone, as later in the stanza the ocean is depicted as an oppressive force (in reference to the line about drowning) -which is a feeling most teenagers / adolescents relate to as one naturally matures, and this perspective evolves. The chronological evolution of one’s perspective develops throughout the poem, as you begin with the child and lead towards adulthood, in which optimism has been restored, coming full circle, similar to that feeling as a child, but now matured and refined; as a woman with optimistic prospects of what she can offer to the world.
    As the Ocean’s tide changes, so do we.
    I Love this poem, and I will be diving deeper into your poetry collection.

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