half moon

they say when you pick up a pencil
your hand only knows how to draw the object of your desire,
so why do only half drawn faces riddle my paper?

a page in my notepad is titled: ‘questions’
i only wrote one line: ‘do you feel’
i never finished writing it out,
maybe the first half was enough

lately the night sky always looks the same to me
i only seem to catch the half moons
i close my eyes and ask, who hung the moon tonight?

i think it was you who replaced every phase
with what you thought was right

you waited until i was not looking
but my eyes were always half open

i think i saw you
steal the half crescents that parenthesized your smile,
i think i saw you
catch the stars with your eyes and redirect the light,

i let you dim them halfway
before i blew out each one out

the half moon does not shine on me tonight

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