“in the end?”

if you wait out anything long enough it’ll go away on its own
but i do not wait with my eyes closed,
i bought the ticket to this show
i paid for my seat
now i keep checking my watch,
now i want to leave

like a rock in the river,
i let this fixation wash over me

this won’t last
this person, this season, this feeling
this life
it ends, and continues, to the next
person, season, feeling

you’ve learned to cope by covering
your headlights with duct tape but
that light still shines through, you
acted stronger than you really wanted to

i know that face too well,
it is the same as my own

you know this is as well as i do,
we made the deal and traded in
our innocence to open this box,
forever is a hyperbole.
love is not always enough.
if not a forever here then
a forever somewhere else

you wanted to do the right thing,
like Veidt seeking assurance
but how do you make right by hurting a human heart?
is there a merciful way to
burn this bridge?

i bow my head to time
and wait for memories to fade
but still i know,
some echoes never end—
“nothing ends,
nothing ever ends.”

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